I like to do stuff.

fine arts Graduate.

Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) 2019. Specialized in interactive media.
Game design and animation studies (GMIT, Ireland) 2018.

Team work.

I’ve worked with fabulous people both, in the university and outside of it, it’s always a great opportunity to combine points of view and make something unique out of it!


Although I went to an art school, I consider my self an autodidact. I spend lots of time learning new habilities and improving the ones I already have. 

My Skills.


Concept Art

Painting, drawing and doign 3D graphics gives me a lot of versatility to represent new ideas.


Game Developement

Since I discovered game design in Ireland, I’ve been experimenting with it, learning to code and making different game prototypes. It’s an amazing field!


Graphic design

I’ve worked as graphic designer for great companies! making web design, product photography and commercial food catalogues.